Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is a committee of parishioners working with the Pastor to develop and implement a vision and long-term goals for the parish in line with our Mission Statement.  Meetings are held once a month.  Any member of the parish is welcome to attend.

The primary objective of the Pastoral Council is to aid the pastor in building a true Christian community through administration, both spiritual and material.  In addition, the Pastoral Council offers a means through which parishioners of Mission Dolores may actively participate in matters which concern the good of the parish.

Meeting Agenda

Mon, Feb 6, 2017

1. Opening prayer

2. Approval of the agenda

3. Review & approve minutes from last meeting dated Jan 6, 2016

4. Old business

  1. Lenten retreat Saturdays: Mar 25, Apr 1 or 8 ?
  2. Election of council officers

5. Reports

  1. Pastor's report: school matters, etc.
  2. Membership committee (Constitution & Bylaws)
  3. Family/Youth committee
  4. Website committee (OurSundayVisitor
  5. Development ("Friends of Mission Dolores) committee
  6. Hispanic Council

6. Upcoming events:

  • Feb 24-6: Religious Ed Congress
  • Mar 1: Ash Wednesday
  • Apr 16: Easter

7. New business

  • election of Council officers

8. Action Item review

9. Next meeting date

  • Mon, Mar 6, 2017, 7 p.m.

10. Closing prayer led by: _______________________________



Current Members:      Since:

Cynthia Vallecarcamo   Sept, 2015
Mike Hannon               Sept, 2015
Elisa McCannon           Sept, 2015
Mark McCannon          Sept, 2015
Paul Seliga                 Sept, 2015
Melissa Suncin            Sept, 2015 
Ami Vela                    Sept, 2015 
Mario Zuniga              Jan, 2016
Mary Ann Datoc          Jan, 2016
Gloria de Leon            Apr, 2016